Team Thomas’s Running Hot!

A big shout out to team Thomas’s, racking up more than 1000 kilometres in training for the Saint Clair Vineyard Half Marathon – and there’s still four weeks ‘til race day!

Ten of the Thomas’s team have signed up to take part in the Vineyard Half next month, trading up comfy summer sandals for running shoes and forgoing after-work drinks for early morning training sessions, in a true test of grit and willpower.

This is the second year we’ve entered a team, and co-owner Tim Thomas says while we originally entered to support a fantastic Marlborough event, we’ve also built team camaraderie and energy through collectively working towards a common goal.

“We see this event as a good thing for Marlborough and local businesses which all benefit from the influx of visitors to the town,” Tim says.

“It’s also a great opportunity to get our staff involved, we’ve had a great time training and building up for it.  And while race day itself is loads of fun, all the training and anticipation has been a catalyst for motivating and energising the whole team.”

“It’s an incredible event, we want to be a part of it.”

It’s important for businesses to support local events, and this year Thomas’s has extended their support and partnered with the Vineyard Half as sponsors, says Tim.

“These events are so important to the region, if we can show visitors a really good time – not just at the event itself, but for their whole stay – maybe we can get them to stay longer, or return with their families at a later date.”

The Vineyard Half’s commitment to raising money and awareness for Beat Bowel Cancer Aotearoa, cemented our support of the event, because of the impact the terrible disease has had on their family.

Their Aunty died of bowel cancer in 1996, only three months after diagnosis, and their father Michael recently had a close call, serving as a wake up call for the family, Tim says.

Early detection is key, so raising awareness is crucial and something we hope to achieve with our involvement in sponsoring this event.”

Keep an eye out for Thomas’s at registration, where we’ll be displaying some of our gorgeous designer outfits from Kowtow, Kate Sylvester and KetzKe – you might see something special to wear at the post-race function Revelry.

We also stock a full range of Icebreaker and Mons Royale gear, so if you find you’ve left home without your socks or running top – pop in and see us, we’ll make sure you’re sorted for race day.

Enjoy the event, have an incredible day, we look forward to seeing you there.


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