Q+A with Claire from Meadowlark Jewellery


Claire & Greg the creative duo behind Meadowlark


Thomas’s was recently given the pleasure of asking Claire (one half of the creative duo behind Meadowlark) a few questions about their new range Ritual. Cult jewellery brand Meadowlark create timeless totems to be forever cherished. All pieces are handcrafted, deeply invoking meaning to those it adorns. We are very proud to stock Meadowlark instore and online, no Christmas wish list is complete without at least one piece.

Meadowlark has strong following – who’ve you been most chuffed to see wearing your pieces?

Claire: I can’t actually name just one person! Meadowlark has been worn by some super cool musicians and every time it is awesome! Some of our favorites are Florence Welch, Alison Mosshart, Grimes & Lorde.


Lorde wearing Meadowlark in her music video for ‘Royals’

Tells us a bit about the inspiration behind your new AW14 range, Ritual?

Claire: Ritual is my baby, we have been planning it for so many years! The inspiration is really our customers, we do a lot of bespoke work for brides and wanted to offer a range that is for our alternative bride. BUT, it isn’t just for brides, it’s for anyone!  All of the rings can be worn as every day pieces or can be for special occasions. There are no rules!

Is the design process the same for each range? How does each Meadowlark piece come to be?

Claire: It is mostly the same process each season. We work quite intuitively and separately and come back together to refine at various stages. We are usually designing right up until the day we are photographing the pieces!


How important is being NZ Made to Meadowlark? Why?

Claire: We are proud to have our jewellery made in NZ, mostly because we can provide jobs for our amazing staff and we can keep on top of the quality. In saying that, we do have to make a few items off shore to be able to keep up with demand.

What’s your favourite thing about doing ‘what you do’?

Claire: Creative freedom! I have so many ideas and I am a do-er so love that I am able to just run with the ideas and bring them to life.

Where did the name ‘Meadowlark’ come from?

Claire: The name Meadowlark comes from a quote by the wordsmith Ambrose Bierce:

“The strange metallic note of the meadowlark, suggesting the clash of vibrant blades”

Who would you love to dress in Meadowlark’s new range?

Claire: I can’t think of any one person but hope that we have lots of stylish ladies wearing them to celebrate true love!

What are your wardrobe essentials for this summer?

Claire: Summer is so hard! I usually dress in the least amount of clothing possible and it’s generally all from Miss Crabb.

What is your go-to piece from Ritual for a night out?

Claire: I am last on the list for actually getting some rings for myself but when I do I will be getting a lot of them!  My favorite is the Hex Engagement ring with the three Fine Geo rings, all in black diamond.   I’ll definitely also be getting the snake bite and skull jewel rings to stack up with some other pieces.

Whats on your playlist at the moment?

Claire: So many great songs but mostly I’m listening to The Damned right now.

Top 5 things to do on a summer’s weekend in Auckland?

Silo Park – Sitting on bean bags and drinking beer on the lawn, or watching a movie projected onto one of the Silos.

Catch the ferry to Waiheke!

Drink at Golden Dawn on Sunday Afternoon.

Eat at loads of great cafe’s – we have so many new amazing places here now!

Have brunch at Taro, they do the best Berry & Rose smoothies.

The one Meadowlark piece everyone needs to put on their Christmas wishlists?

Claire: The Mini Protea ring!  There are so many different gemstones to choose from.

Mini Protea Ring with Onyx


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